A couple nights ago the temperature was expected to drop to 30 degrees after being 75 degrees the day before.   We had most of the annuals planted in the yard and so was Walter's garden planted and beautiful.  In an effort to save our plants, we got out some of our incandescent Christmas lights and lined the plants with the lights.  We built temporary greenhouses over the plants and left the lights on all night to create heat. Luckily, the temp did not drop to 30 degrees and we were able to save all plants.  Louisiana weather at its best!
Strings of lights line rows of zinnias.
The temporary greenhouses with lights on. Kind of spooky!
I just ran across this picture and decided to include it into the blog.  Christmas week Walter and I decided to go on a Christmas display tour of several of our friends in Texas.  We saw some outstanding displays including "Dearing Dazzle".  The picture is of Walter and I with our dear friends, Clyde and Tamra Dearing, of Conroe, Texas.  The display is awesome.  It reminds me of a kids wonderland.  Great job Clyde and Tamra.  
Yesterday was 75 degrees.  This morning we are getting snow flurries.  It's not sticking but they are predicting ice on the roads in the morning.    Louisiana weather is unbelievable --- and it's March.
On February 6, 2014 we got the third snowfall of the year.  This is extremely unusual for Central Louisiana.  It barely snowed enough to cover the ground but was beautiful while falling.  I always wished to have a snowfall while Magic Christmas was active. That's a lot to wish for in this area.
It is unbelievable that we have had the second snowfall in one week.  That is totally unheard of for Central Louisiana.  Most was sleet and came before 9:00 am this morning.  The picture was taken around 4:00 pm after much was melted.  




Frosty was extremely happy this morning.  He had a chance to come out of the Deep Freezer and make people smile.  This is the first snow at Magic Christmas in a few years.  Unbelievable how many people stopped by for pictures with Frosty or just pulled over to get a picture of Frosty.
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